Duh! Instant Krazy Glue Really Means Instant

Jeremy, taunting me to pee my pants!

Have you ever had one of those moments, or events, where you truly cannot believe it is happening, let alone happening to you? I do... quite often actually, but this truly has to be one of the kraziest....literally! I posted about this on Facebook … [I Wanna Read More!]

Booty Fashion Gone Bad…Really Bad!

Booty and Boots

I really must be getting old when I start making comments about the totally insane things people wear in public. (eh... Who am I kidding... I've always made comments...lol) Maybe it is just my affluent preppy 80's upbringing that has me shaking … [I Wanna Read More!]

Free Amazon Gift Cards Means Christmas For Free!


Yikes! Did I just use that "C" word? The one that has every parent trembling in their boots come about October when the not-so-little wish lists appear around the house? Yes, I did.. And I know what you are thinking... Gesh Jo! Give us a break! … [I Wanna Read More!]

Oh Look… More Friggin Dishes!

Usually I love having 2 kitchens in the house, but my office is in the 2nd one (makes for roll-the-chair-across-the-floor access to the coffee maker!), and it is so frustrating when you finish dishes in the "kitchen-kitchen", only to walk into the … [I Wanna Read More!]

Blonde Moment #743

BLONDE MOMENT #743: You know you are going to have one of those days when not only do you sleep through your alarm, but go about starting your day, completely oblivious to the fact you have NOT woken your kids for school *rolls eyes* Facebook … [I Wanna Read More!]

Does That Mean I Have To Eat The Cat’s Food?

My house is officially nuts (yet again!) My CAT growls at the DOG, while said CAT is eating the DOG food... *rolls eyes yet again* Facebook Status Update: January 21, 2011. So, since the cat is eating the dog food, and the dog is eating Brie's … [I Wanna Read More!]

Top 10 Pros and Cons of Working From Home

My Mascot

Working from home - it's every parents' dream life, apart from not working at all of course. I've been doing this for 9 years myself, so the advantages definitely outweigh the problems. But, problems there are! Making the decision to work from … [I Wanna Read More!]

Rice Krispies, Confused Cats & Kitchen Sinks

The Cat Food Crusade

I posted this yesterday on Facebook as one of the usual 'max out the 420 character' status messages I often come up with, but thought it was worth moving over to F.I.N.E as well. No photos of this one. Camera wasn't handy at the time :( I … [I Wanna Read More!]

I Don’t Really Want To Say Hello World!

This is that silly "Hello World" post that automatically appears when you install WordPress. It's for those of us who have nothing yet to say, but need something to fill in space. Bear with me.. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I can ramble, … [I Wanna Read More!]

Why I’m One F.I.N.E Momma!

The Judy Blume Diary

Being a self-diagnosed blogaholic, you would think that I actually kept a personal blog of my own. Surprisingly, up until now, I didn't! I spend my days building customized blogs for clients, and managing numerous of my own business related sites, … [I Wanna Read More!]