True Love Despite Bad “Gas”

True Love Despite Bad Gas

Note From Me: I found this incredible story on Facebook. It had been re-posted by a friend of mine, but without the original source included. If anyone out there knows who the original author is, I would love to give her credit! I truly have not laughed so hard in a long time… Enjoy! Like […]

Booty Fashion Gone Bad…Really Bad!

Booty and Boots

I really must be getting old when I start making comments about the totally insane things people wear in public. (eh… Who am I kidding… I’ve always made comments…lol) Maybe it is just my affluent preppy 80’s upbringing that has me shaking my head at this one? Then again, take a good look at this […]

I Don’t Really Want To Say Hello World!

This is that silly “Hello World” post that automatically appears when you install WordPress. It’s for those of us who have nothing yet to say, but need something to fill in space. Bear with me.. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I can ramble, and thus will soon not need this here 🙂