My Daughter – Newest Member Of The FBI

Brie: Member of the FBI

It’s 4am… Up yet AGAIN with Brie. Will this child ever sleep normal for more than a few days in a row? She has the most horrendous sleeping patterns. I never know from one evening to the next, how much sleep I will actually be able to get myself. Looks like I will be functioning […]

Brendan Off To Zone Speech Finals!

My Mommy Pom Pom Dance

I got to break out the Mommy pom-poms today! My Jim Carey wannabe Brendan is off to represent his school at the Lion’s Club Effective Public Speaking Contest this coming Sunday. Very exciting! Last week, he won his classroom contest and earned a spot in the school finals. There, he competed against 9 other children […]

No Really…The Dog Ate My Homework

Lexi prior to becoming Cujo

It’s a line that has been mumbled by students for decades and probably is the most common excuse teachers have ever heard about why student homework was not completed. But, how many kids can actually use this excuse with a straight face AND have Mom post online about how darn true it really is? Well, […]

Rice Krispies, Confused Cats & Kitchen Sinks

The Cat Food Crusade

I posted this yesterday on Facebook as one of the usual ‘max out the 420 character’ status messages I often come up with, but thought it was worth moving over to F.I.N.E as well. No photos of this one. Camera wasn’t handy at the time 🙁 I definitely have one determined daughter! At 21 months […]