Conclusion and Consequences To Our “Do Whatever You Want Week”

Mom Line - Do Not Cross

Our “Do Whatever You Want Week”  is officially over! Thank gosh is my first thought of course. I am not sure I have much of a tongue left, after having to bite it countless times throughout the week. But, there were times were it was actually fun, and we did have some good laughs. After […]

Updates To My “Do Whatever You Want Week”

Updates To Do Whatever You Want Week

For anyone who missed the declaration, I announced to my kids this past Saturday night that it was “Do Whatever You Want Week”.  Frankly I was fed up! It was time to tackle my kids from a different direction… If you missed the post, you can read it here. All you moms out there I am […]

I Declare “Do Whatever You Want Week”!

Do Whatever You Want Week

Momma has officially declared her house rules for the next 6 days as “Do Whatever You Want Week”!! Since the members of my household seem to think they can do whatever they want, whenever they want as it is, I might as well make it official 🙂 Grounding doesn’t seem to matter. Mom’s rules seem […]

Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month – GoDaddy Domain Name Just $2.95

GoDaddy-Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you have been considering starting your own blog, website or any type of online business, hop on over to using the special banner below. Not only will you support GoDaddy’s efforts to help spread Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but you will also snag your domain name for just $2.95. This is a savings […]

How To Make Baby Wipes, Glass Cleaner Wipes & Bleach Wipes

DIY Baby Wipes 1

Anyone who has children knows the value of keeping baby wipes, bleach wipes and glass cleaner wipes very handy. Grime seems to easily accumulate everywhere! Soiled baby bottoms, sticky surfaces all over your home, and my favorite – nose prints on glass doors and windows. (You can thank two of my adorable nieces and their […]

Free Amazon Gift Cards Means Christmas For Free!


Yikes! Did I just use that “C” word? The one that has every parent trembling in their boots come about October when the not-so-little wish lists appear around the house? Yes, I did.. And I know what you are thinking… Gesh Jo! Give us a break! It’s only January and you are talkin’ Christmas already? […]

Oh Look… More Friggin Dishes!

Usually I love having 2 kitchens in the house, but my office is in the 2nd one (makes for roll-the-chair-across-the-floor access to the coffee maker!), and it is so frustrating when you finish dishes in the “kitchen-kitchen”, only to walk into the “office-kitchen” and say “Oh look… more friggin dishes!”. Facebook Status Update: January 27, […]

I Don’t Really Want To Say Hello World!

This is that silly “Hello World” post that automatically appears when you install WordPress. It’s for those of us who have nothing yet to say, but need something to fill in space. Bear with me.. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I can ramble, and thus will soon not need this here 🙂