I Flipped Over… a 1948 Singer Sewing Machine

1948 Singer

I actually secretly wished this item wouldn’t sell. It was such a cool addition to my limited antique collection! But in the end, cash in hand means more potential goodies down the road 🙂 While out collecting our free teak executive desk, we came across signs detailing the entire contents of an apartment for sale […]

I Flipped Over…. a Teak Executive Desk

Teak Executive Desk

My latest addition to the “I Flipped Over…“ series of posts is a fabulous vintage Teak Executive Desk that I picked up for free. I just happened to surf over to Kijiji as the original owner listed the item in the freebies section and emailed him right away. Turns out there was a tremendous demand […]

I Flipped Over… a Vintage 1960’s Chair

Antique Chair

One of my favorite additions to the “I Flipped Over…“ series of posts is an absolutely mint condition vintage 1960’s round back chair. This beauty was sitting at a garage sale close by, surrounded by the typical junkie items you often find at sales. It was one of those hidden treasures I drool over. Wedged […]