How To Change Your Facebook News Feed Back – For Now…

Change Facebook Newsfeed Back 1

I am all for change and advancement. Heck, without it we would all still be walking everywhere and heating up water to take a bath in a bucket! Oh wait… that sounds terribly familiar… but of course is a story for another time. Facebook however, has taken change and so-called advancement to a new level. […]

Oh Look… More Friggin Dishes!

Usually I love having 2 kitchens in the house, but my office is in the 2nd one (makes for roll-the-chair-across-the-floor access to the coffee maker!), and it is so frustrating when you finish dishes in the “kitchen-kitchen”, only to walk into the “office-kitchen” and say “Oh look… more friggin dishes!”. Facebook Status Update: January 27, […]

Blonde Moment #743

BLONDE MOMENT #743: You know you are going to have one of those days when not only do you sleep through your alarm, but go about starting your day, completely oblivious to the fact you have NOT woken your kids for school *rolls eyes* Facebook Status Update: January 26, 2011.

Does That Mean I Have To Eat The Cat’s Food?

My house is officially nuts (yet again!) My CAT growls at the DOG, while said CAT is eating the DOG food… *rolls eyes yet again* Facebook Status Update: January 21, 2011. So, since the cat is eating the dog food, and the dog is eating Brie’s food, and Brie is eating my food, does that […]