How To Make Baby Wipes, Glass Cleaner Wipes & Bleach Wipes

DIY Baby Wipes 1

Anyone who has children knows the value of keeping baby wipes, bleach wipes and glass cleaner wipes very handy. Grime seems to easily accumulate everywhere! Soiled baby bottoms, sticky surfaces all over your home, and my favorite – nose prints on glass doors and windows. (You can thank two of my adorable nieces and their […]

Inexpensive Fall Outdoor Pumpkin Decor

Pumpkin Mum Planters

In my opinion, nothing looks nicer than a tastefully decorated home. Most of us do what we can to make the inside of our homes comfy, inviting and appealing to our personal tastes, but often we forget the outside is a guests’ first impression. On the other hand, some of us simply lack the outdoor […]

I Flipped Over…. a Teak Executive Desk

Teak Executive Desk

My latest addition to the “I Flipped Over…“ series of posts is a fabulous vintage Teak Executive Desk that I picked up for free. I just happened to surf over to Kijiji as the original owner listed the item in the freebies section and emailed him right away. Turns out there was a tremendous demand […]

I Flipped Over… a Vintage 1960’s Chair

Antique Chair

One of my favorite additions to the “I Flipped Over…“ series of posts is an absolutely mint condition vintage 1960’s round back chair. This beauty was sitting at a garage sale close by, surrounded by the typical junkie items you often find at sales. It was one of those hidden treasures I drool over. Wedged […]

I Flipped Over…. Freebie Flipping Tips

I Flipped Over

For the first time in almost 5 years I recently acquired a vehicle. One truly has no idea how much you appreciate your car until you don’t have one, but I’ll save the horrendous details on that for another post. What I am dying to tell you about my adventures in finding unwanted items and […]

Universal Truths As I Get Older…

Have you ever noticed that as we get older there are just a few common, universal truths that none of us can deny? Here is an amazing list I came across that is just perfect. Note: I had to replace the one about beer with a Canadian brand of course 🙂 Universal Truths 1. I […]

How To Change Your Facebook News Feed Back – For Now…

Change Facebook Newsfeed Back 1

I am all for change and advancement. Heck, without it we would all still be walking everywhere and heating up water to take a bath in a bucket! Oh wait… that sounds terribly familiar… but of course is a story for another time. Facebook however, has taken change and so-called advancement to a new level. […]

My Daughter – Newest Member Of The FBI

Brie: Member of the FBI

It’s 4am… Up yet AGAIN with Brie. Will this child ever sleep normal for more than a few days in a row? She has the most horrendous sleeping patterns. I never know from one evening to the next, how much sleep I will actually be able to get myself. Looks like I will be functioning […]

Brendan Off To Zone Speech Finals!

My Mommy Pom Pom Dance

I got to break out the Mommy pom-poms today! My Jim Carey wannabe Brendan is off to represent his school at the Lion’s Club Effective Public Speaking Contest this coming Sunday. Very exciting! Last week, he won his classroom contest and earned a spot in the school finals. There, he competed against 9 other children […]

No Really…The Dog Ate My Homework

Lexi prior to becoming Cujo

It’s a line that has been mumbled by students for decades and probably is the most common excuse teachers have ever heard about why student homework was not completed. But, how many kids can actually use this excuse with a straight face AND have Mom post online about how darn true it really is? Well, […]