Conclusion and Consequences To Our “Do Whatever You Want Week”

Mom Line - Do Not Cross

Our “Do Whatever You Want Week”  is officially over! Thank gosh is my first thought of course. I am not sure I have much of a tongue left, after having to bite it countless times throughout the week. But, there were times were it was actually fun, and we did have some good laughs. After […]

Updates To My “Do Whatever You Want Week”

Updates To Do Whatever You Want Week

For anyone who missed the declaration, I announced to my kids this past Saturday night that it was “Do Whatever You Want Week”.  Frankly I was fed up! It was time to tackle my kids from a different direction… If you missed the post, you can read it here. All you moms out there I am […]

I Declare “Do Whatever You Want Week”!

Do Whatever You Want Week

Momma has officially declared her house rules for the next 6 days as “Do Whatever You Want Week”!! Since the members of my household seem to think they can do whatever they want, whenever they want as it is, I might as well make it official 🙂 Grounding doesn’t seem to matter. Mom’s rules seem […]

Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month – GoDaddy Domain Name Just $2.95

GoDaddy-Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you have been considering starting your own blog, website or any type of online business, hop on over to using the special banner below. Not only will you support GoDaddy’s efforts to help spread Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but you will also snag your domain name for just $2.95. This is a savings […]

DIY: Rustic Wagon Wheel Winery Decor

Rustic Wagon Wheel Winery

I personally love old rustic looking decor. So much in fact, my garage is filling up with 100+ year old barn wood for a wide variety of projects I have planned over the winter. As soon as I get my booty in gear and complete something, I will be sure to post! For those of […]

Love Wine? Save The Corks!

Wedding Cork Wall Decor

I came across this photo yesterday and thought it was a wonderful, unique idea – especially for newlyweds who would love a small keepsake reminder of their wedding reception. Almost all wedding receptions serve wine. Why not assign one of your bridemaid’s the job of collecting those corks throughout the evening? Just make sure she […]

Sue ‘Em Tiffani: You Still ARE A Role Model

Sue Em Tiffani!

While it’s common for Americans to sue over absolutely everything and anything, there often are plaintiff’s that truly deserve to walk away with monetary vengeance. Tiffani Webb, a recently fired New York City school guidance counselor, is one such plaintiff. According to the New York Post and AOL, the 37 year old Ms Webb has […]

Sinful Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

If you love Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, here is a fabulous treat you can enjoy with a variety of side goodies. Wafer cookies, fingers or even fruit slices will be simply sinful with this easy to make dip. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip Ingredients: 1/2 cup butter 1/3 cup brown sugar 1 teaspoon […]

I Flipped Over… a 1948 Singer Sewing Machine

1948 Singer

I actually secretly wished this item wouldn’t sell. It was such a cool addition to my limited antique collection! But in the end, cash in hand means more potential goodies down the road 🙂 While out collecting our free teak executive desk, we came across signs detailing the entire contents of an apartment for sale […]

True Love Despite Bad “Gas”

True Love Despite Bad Gas

Note From Me: I found this incredible story on Facebook. It had been re-posted by a friend of mine, but without the original source included. If anyone out there knows who the original author is, I would love to give her credit! I truly have not laughed so hard in a long time… Enjoy! Like […]