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Introducing My F.I.N.E Family!


Jo {aka Joanne, Mom, Mum, Mummy, Honey and… The Bitch!}

“Hello, my name is Joe. I have a wife and a job and a…” Yikes!… Flashbacks from the summer of 1987… Some camp song about Joe working in a button factory? … Obviously not me – let’s try again!

Hello! My name is Jo. I am the completely freaked out, insecure, neurotic and emotional author of this site. In other words, I am FINE 🙂

A self-proclaimed blogaholic and WordPress junkie, I somehow manage to freelance from home, while raising three awesome boys and one adorable daughter. I consider myself a fun and lovable person, albeit brutally frank at times. So, if you are easily offended…well, too bad. This is me and it’s my blog! I plan to make this the one place I can truly be ME.

To find out exact what FINE is about, and why I started it, please read Why I’m One F.I.N.E Momma!.

Ryan {aka buttmunch}

Ryan is my first born and as such, my personal guinea pig (not to be mistaken for George of course). He managed to survive my Parenting 101 training, and is now officially a typical teenager! He enjoys sleeping in, girls, the television extremely loud, girls, his xBox360, girls, a wide variety of sports, and ummm… did I mention girls?

An aspiring actor and already standing almost a foot taller than me, Ryan truly is my champion. No matter how bitchy I get, he can always make me smile! He’s been applauded more than once for earning an “Outstanding Male Butt-Kisser” award.

When I asked him to describe himself for F.I.N.E, he said ” asdhasjkdhaskdjas asdjas asldjk askwi aasoif”

Brendan {aka Screech}

Brendan is definitely our family comedian! He is lightning fast with a joke, anecdote or one of his crazy faces. It’s creepy how he can mimic, not only a Jim Carey smile, but dolphin noises as well!

Brendan is my personal teddy bear! His sensitive and thoughtful nature is always ready for hugs. The fact his hair grows straight out, and doesn’t lie down, just adds to his warm fuzzies. Unfortunately, this also means he’s doomed for a life of buzz cuts, unless the Caucasian afro comes back into style.

When I asked him to describe himself for F.I.N.E, Brendan said “I am the best Halo player, and am looking to meet any interested gaming chicks out there, aged 10 and above, for some mutual gaming satisfaction“.

Well ok then! Good luck Brendan!

Alex {aka Little Man, Skid! & Senor}









Brie {aka Turkey Salad}









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