Updates To My “Do Whatever You Want Week”

Updates To Do Whatever You Want WeekFor anyone who missed the declaration, I announced to my kids this past Saturday night that it was “Do Whatever You Want Week”.  Frankly I was fed up! It was time to tackle my kids from a different direction… If you missed the post, you can read it here.

All you moms out there I am sure can relate to having house rules and chores – you know, those ones that are the same every day and have been for years? Yet the sames one that everyone seems to forget? Or when asked why that rule or chore was broken or not completed, you get that blank stare as if your child has no friggin clue what you are talking about? Mine sometimes look contrite and apologetic. But I can almost guarantee you the same crap will happen again 5 minutes later.

So our 6 days started Saturday night at supper and will end Friday at 6pm – just in time for the boys father to come pick them up for his weekend 🙂

This is a lesson in consequences. As I mention in my previous post, we all have to do things we don’t like or don’t want to do. If those things are not done, there are potentially consequences. As parents, I honestly feel we shelter our kids from way too many consequences. Our kids shelter themselves as well… But I am going to save those thoughts for another post 🙂

As promised, this post will serve as my daily updates on how things are going! You will want to bookmark this and come back to view updates. Of course, please feel free to share with others. It may inspire some parents and more importantly kids to consider a little more closely the consequences of not only their actions, but in-actions as well…

Sunday 9am

– I went to bed at 11pm Saturday night. Had to close Brendan and Alex’s door as all 3 of them were in there on their xbox hootin and hollering. This is already past Brendan and Alex’s normal bedtime, so should be interesting to see how miserable they are today…

– Dishes from Saturday’s supper are still on the kitchen counter…

Sunday 11pm

– I had promised a big brunch today. Ryan missed it, as he choose to stay in bed sleeping. We left everything on the table for him, as no one seemed inclined to clear the table. Guess that pissed him off because when HE cleared the table, he took everything into the cooking kitchen, not the cleaning kitchen. We now have dishes pilling up in both kitchens…

(Note: I rent a home that used to be split into a 4 bedroom house with a bachelor apartment, therefore have 2 kitchens. Both a tiny, so we use 1 for cooking, pots, pans and storage of all food prep. The other is dishes, cutlery, leftovers, condiments, snacks etc. This one also is where all dishes are done and is my home office…lol)

– I gave out a list of everything I had in the house to make for suppers and was prepared to take orders! I figured this part of the deal was going to bite me in the ass and they would all choose something different…lol. Alex saved me by wanting Chicken lasagna, which being a family favorite, Ryan and Brendan then choose too. Brie asked for dribblers. So, only 2 different suppers to make tonight! (Yay me!)

(Note: My 4 year old calls Kraft Dinner (aka Kraft Mac & Cheese) “dribblers”.. Long story… Something from Max & Ruby on tv…)

– Watched Brendan come down to set the table for supper. The counter is now full of dishes and I am already aware there will not be enough cutlery or cups for us all. I chuckle to myself as I watch him rearrange the counter clutter to randomly wash only the few items needed.

– normal “school night” bedtime for Brendan and Alex is 9pm… After spending the entire day on the xbox, they came down to say goodnight at the usual time, but I suspect it was to pacify mom only…. I could hear them back up there playing till almost 10pm. School should be interesting tomorrow! (should they decide to go of course…)

– Ryan I think went to bed on time. Not sure if his English assignment was completed or not. He chose not to tell me and I didn’t ask.

Monday 9am

– Yay! Everyone up and off to school! Ryan asked me if I been into the cooking kitchen yet this morning. I told him no and asked why. He said there was a smashed serving plate on the floor, but that he had cleaned it up. We concluded that the cats have now decided to join into the “Do Whatever You Want Week”!! Cripes… someone save me!!

– Need to wade through the huge pile of dishes to find enough for Brie and me to use for breakfast and lunch… My sink is friggin disgusting…

– Determined that while the house may be starting to look icky, Brie and I will NOT. The two of us hop into the shower before heading off for our afternoon nap.

Monday 7pm

– Consequences for mom!! I neglected to tie Brie’s wet hair back into a pony tail prior to taking a nap. She now has a MONSTER spazzy tangle covering one full side of her head… my bad 🙁

– Tonight’s supper choice from everyone? Dribblers…. again… I suspect I am going to hate KD once this week is over…

– It’s garbage day tomorrow… Will be interesting to see if it is remembered and done. I even added it to the chore calendar this morning in an attempt at prompting SOMEONE to remember. We are not allowed to put garbage out till after 8pm here and only blue boxes. Foxes, raccoons and stray pets eat through bags during the night, so Ryan usually takes those out at 7am the next morning. If the garbage is not taken out, it will be the second week in a row. Since we are allowed 1 free bag per week, the boys will therefore need to purchase the $3 per bag tag to attach next week. Since we already have 3 bags in the garage waiting, it’s going to get expensive fast!

– My office kitchen is looking ridiculous… My sink is full of food scraps and dishes. Not one dish has been washed properly. The storage stand in the cooking kitchen is covered in recycle items. I did a little test and placed some of the items in the middle of the kitchen floor so that when they each came home from school, they would have to pass the items to get into the house. How surprising that instead of picking up the items and placing them into the recycle box that is immediately outside the door they just entered, they simply picked them up and placed them back onto the storage stand…GRRRRr..  Well, at least they picked them up!!

– Alex has already informed me he is staying up to watch a show tonight that begins past his normal bed time. By the time their father comes to visit them Wednesday, they should be in great form 🙂

Monday 8pm

– Just caught Alex hiding in the dining room sipping soda! Despite my attempts at getting him to save his Christmas money, he decided to treat his brothers to a junk food night and just blew $20 at the corner store…

– Remember that broken plate Ryan told me he cleaned up? Yeah well, “cleaned up” is obviously is the mind of the cleaner. I just walked into my cooking kitchen barefoot to inspect its current status…. Walked out with a nice piece of ceramic plate embedded into my foot…. Grrrr!!

– Will need to start taking pics soon….If I am not too embarrassed of course!

Tuesday 9am

– All boys up and off to school again this morning. Alex seemed to be dragging ass a little and advised me he may be late for school because he had a lot to eat, but they were off in good time.

– The shocker was Ryan putting not only at least the single bag of garbage to the road, BUT also the recycle boxes out that his brothers had neglected to do. Kudos Ryan!

Tuesday 5pm

– Yikes!! Woke up from a nap with Brie to find over 90% of the dishes washed, dried AND put away! I actually did a double take when I walked into my office and could actually SEE the counter! I am impressed! Either it’s sinking in, or one of them read my blog posts….lol Kudos to Ryan and Alex 🙂

– Still waiting for someone to notice the kitty litter? I am approaching “litter launch”, whereby the litter box will be launched into one of their rooms…

Tuesday 10pm 

– Everyone late to bed again tonight… I suspect it is going to get harder for them to get up for school in the morning!

– Another household rule “broken”… Normally junk food snacks are allowed only on weekends, yet Alex seems thrilled to have burnt no less than $20 of his Christmas money on snacks for him and his brothers tonight… Well, at least he shared!!

Wednesday 9am

– HA!! Alex and Brendan informed me this morning that they didn’t want to go to school today… Said they were “too tired”…lol… Well, despite the fact I did say they didn’t have to go to school if they didn’t want too, I also said that they needed to be prepared to accept the consequences of their actions. Therefore, despite being too tired, they were told to get their little butts off to school!

Wednesday 10pm

– The boys father came for his weekly visit tonight. He of course was informed of our little experiment. I am not sure who he was more angry with… them or me! LOL … I of course took him on a little tour of the house, pointing out the full kitty litter box, the overflowing kitchen sink (AGAIN!), the countertops covered in dirty dishes and Brie’s toy disaster all over the family room. He did manage to find a couch cushion to sit on at least. She did leave one on the couch 🙂

– I headed out grocery shopping while he was here and informed the kids that I was not bringing in the groceries from the car. That they needed to make themselves available once I got home. I was paying for the food, but NOT unpacking it. One of the boys, clearly not thinking, actually asked “what happens if we don’t hear you when you get home?”. I had to laugh and say “well, guess your Dad will have a stocked kitchen courtesy of me!”

– Thrilled to see cases of Kraft Dinner on sale this week!! Just over $6 for a case of 12… Considering “dribblers” seems to be a staple this week, I bought 2 cases 🙂

– Got home from shopping to find every single dish in the kitchen washed, dried AND put away. Brie’s mess was also cleaned up! Clearly Dad laid down the law while I was gone….Not too sure how I feel about that, but….

– Despite being too tired for school today, B & A stayed up over an hour past bedtime again… tomorrow should be REAL interesting…lol

Thursday 9am

– Surprisingly, everyone up and off to school without issues this morning!

Thursday 10pm

– We are back to a loading kitchen counter again. It’s quite amazing how items can be precariously stacked in my home… I am crossing my fingers that all dishes mange to survive this week in one piece! (apart from the one the cats have already broken)

– My cutlery at supper was quite disgusting. When I asked who was the one last night who had actually washed the dishes, my question was met with silence. Took a few moments, but turns out their father is the one who actually washed! I should have known… It would have explained the wretched flashbacks I was having!

– I had a webinar to attend this evening, from 8-9pm’ish. I had advised the boys during supper that I would need them to keep their sister occupied during this time. Typically this means upstairs and out of my office – at least this is what they have always done in the past for me. Not this time…. They chose to sit on the computer, 2 feet away from me, hoot and holler at whatever game they were playing, and at random moments tell their sister to “be quiet”.

My webinar time slot was filled with sounds of Minecraft, Curious George Sweet Dreams and a tea party at my keyboard. NOT exactly conducive to concentration…

– B & A off to bed over an hour late again tonight!

Friday 11am

– everyone up and off to school!

– had a wonderful surprise from Alex this morning. Was totally into a project I was working on for a client, when suddenly a plate of scrambled eggs and toast appear on my desk. How sweet was that!?

– suspect Brendan has been rotating clothing this week. Everything looks REAL familiar…Yet don’t recall hearing that washing machine once this week.

(quote from Facebook status) “I am such an uber idiot… Leaving the room, I step on Brie’s metal matchbox sized firetruck… After a small string of curse words, I move it aside with my foot…. No less than 45 seconds later I re-enter the room, and step on the same bloody truck, with the same foot! Can’t wait for “Do Whatever You Want Week” to end tonight!”

– What I neglected to add to that status update was Brie’s words to me as I cursed the second “stepping”…

“Mom? Did you hurt the truck?”

Friday 6pm

– While making supper, I discover an empty egg carton tossed in the fridge! While I truly appreciated Alex surprising me with breakfast, this was frustrating. Especially since it wasn’t even where the eggs are supposed to be. I plan my revenge…. The empty carton is placed into the sleeve of his jacket, which is laying on the hallway floor (another rule broken…)

– Ryan offers to take Alex out to Tim Hortons for some “big brother little brother” time. I think this is wonderful! I ask for him to stop off at the pharmacy on the way home and grab me a bottle of contact lens solution. He is provided with the old bottle to ensure he gets the right one, and money. Sounds simple right?

They arrive home just before supper time…. without the contact solution. But hey, Alex DID bring home a Subway sandwich for himself for dinner! Lucky him… We are having “dribblers”…. AGAIN!

– Brendan hands me a math test I need to sign….Oh look! He got….. 0% <—- Yes, that’s a ZERO

– “Do Whatever You Want Week” is officially over!!

Stay tuned… My conclusion to this crazy experiment can be found right here!

Image Source: KD Timeline ( And yes, I am beginning to wonder if KD WILL be my last meal…lol)

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