I Declare “Do Whatever You Want Week”!

"Do Whatever You Want Week"Momma has officially declared her house rules for the next 6 days as “Do Whatever You Want Week”!!

Since the members of my household seem to think they can do whatever they want, whenever they want as it is, I might as well make it official 🙂 Grounding doesn’t seem to matter. Mom’s rules seem to be there only to look contrite when broken and then do it all over again 5 minutes later.

So, here is how it’s going to work…

1. Do what you want, when you want, but be prepared to deal with the external consequences. This means:

a) Go to bed when you want. If you’re tired the next day, not my problem.

b) Wake up when you want. If you’re late, not my problem.

c) Go to school if you want. When I call to tell them your reason for absence, it will of course be the truth – “he said didn’t want to go to school today sir” – you can then deal with the principal and his/her consequences.

d) Eat what you want, when you want. If the food runs out prior to shopping day, and you are still hungry, go buy more yourself.

e) Order what you want for dinner from my current available menu. Just bear in mind, mom is used to making 1 meal for 5-6 people, therefore your choice of meal will be for 5-6 people. If you are the only person to order that for supper, be prepared to eat it until it is all gone. Could make for a boring week…

f) Wear what you want. When your friends start snickering at the smell – not my problem 🙂

g) Do homework, only if you want. If you fail, not my problem. I already graduated so it doesn’t affect me.

h) Do chores only if you want. Hey, I hate them too, so who really cares if they get done, right?

Mom's The Boss

2. Mom is ALSO going to do whatever she wants this week, with the understanding that she too will have to deal with the consequences. This means:

a) Mom may decide NOT to cook this week for anyone but herself and Brie. Keep that in mind when choosing from the daily menu.

b) Mom may decide NOT to do laundry this week. Keep that in mind when deciding what to wear.

c) Mom may decide not work this week. I understand I will have to deal with the consequences from my clients, and our landlord of course.

d) Mom may decide not to shower. Hey, I live in my office. Stay out if you don’t like the smell.

e) Mom may decide she doesn’t like chores either. Therefore, dishes, garbage and cleaning are optional this week. I will of course keep a clean dish supply available for myself and Brie. You may be your own for anything you need. I suggest placing a piece of masking tape with your name onto a spoon, fork, knife, plate, bowl and cup. That way you can bitch to each other over who’s is who’s and there is sure to be no mistaking who’s is dirty and who’s is clean 🙂

f) Mom may or may not decide to sign tests, reports and permission forms. If it requires any amount of thought or work, I just may not want to do that today…

g) Mom may or may not decide to tidy up with Brie. Since I personally rarely watch television, it really doesn’t matter to me if I have cushions on the couch or not. The floor suits me just fine.

i) Mom may decide she is sick and tired of the kitty litter smell down here on the main floor. Therefore, the kitty litter box could be moved upstairs. Since it clearly will NOT be going into mom’s room, you will need to decide among yourselves who’s room it will be placed in.

i) Mom may decide to disengage her router. If she plugs her work computer directly into the modem, she may have faster internet service for the work she may or may not do. Not my problem if the xbox, ipod or laptops upstairs don’t work. Get your own router if it means that much to you.

j) Mom may decide when finding things that don’t belong somewhere, to just toss things onto the floor like everyone else in the house. Just make sure the path to mom’s bed and coffee maker are clear at all times.

k) Mom may or may not play telephone secretary this week. Since no one ever calls her except bill collectors and telemarketers, and since she doesn’t much like talking to them anyhow, there really is no reason for her to answer the phone.

l) Mom may or may not decide to post this on Facebook so everyone knows the house rules, or lack there of, for this week. Oh wait! Mom decided since she too can do whatever she wants, that she WILL post it 🙂

So!! Who out there wants to come visit my house Friday and see the condition of things??

[warning… we may or may not all smell!!]

I will be posting updates daily on the progress of our week. To be fair, the house started out reasonably clean, dishes up to last nights completed and all laundry done. The last load however is still sitting in the dryer, since one of my kids decided that they would take JUST A SINGLE PAIR of underwear out of the washer yesterday and place it into dryer for themselves, I got a little behind on that load.

I’ve already been asked by Ryan if this is a “test or something”…. He so far doesn’t seem to get the point.

In real life, there are things we don’t want to do – obligations we must meet, regardless of whether we want to. Bills, rent/mortgage, schedules, instructions from a boss, and yes, especially the law. If you cannot follow and abide by simple household rules and obligations as a kid, how on earth are you going to survive in the real world?

Keep in mind… Momma may or may not choose to come visit you in jail 😉


P.S… That awesome Mom’s The Boss sign shown above is available from Amazon – http://amzn.to/VEjY2u

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