Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month – GoDaddy Domain Name Just $2.95

GoDaddy-Breast Cancer Awareness MonthIf you have been considering starting your own blog, website or any type of online business, hop on over to using the special banner below. Not only will you support GoDaddy’s efforts to help spread Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but you will also snag your domain name for just $2.95. This is a savings of over $10!

Be quick though… This was just announced this evening and is limited to the first 10,000 domains purchased. It is limited to just 1 domain per person at this price, but additional domains can be added to your order for just $7.99. Still a great savings of the regular $12.99 price tag.

GoDaddy Coupon Code October 2012 for $2.95

Click the banner to be taken to GoDaddy now:

Breast Cancer Awareness! Tell your story with a $2.95 .COM from Go Daddy!  - 468x60

Just a side note as well, be prepared to use a credit card for the purchase. Neither Paypal nor GoDaddy gift cards are accepted for this offer.

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