Sue ‘Em Tiffani: You Still ARE A Role Model

While it’s common for Americans to sue over absolutely everything and anything, there often are plaintiff’s that truly deserve to walk away with monetary vengeance. Tiffani Webb, a recently fired New York City school guidance counselor, is one such plaintiff.

Sue Em Tiffani!According to the New York Post and AOL, the 37 year old Ms Webb has been stripped of her stellar position just days before earning tenure due to what the school considers “inappropriate photos [that] were accessible to impressionable adolescents”. The schools’ ruling stated that her “behavior has a potentially adverse influence on her ability to counsel students and be regarded as a role model.”

All I can say is “huh??”

This is a women who prior to be hired advised the school of her past modeling career back when she was 18. Despite the school admitting she had a stellar professional record while employed by them, she has been terminated for something completely beyond her control. The photos of course have made their way to the internet, photo-shopped, altered and posted to popular racy sites.

I have a huge problem with this. These of course are my personal opinions, and you are welcome to share yours below, but here is where I stand on this case.

These photos really are no more “inappropriate” than what we see on television, in magazines or on bus stop shelters and billboards for heaven’s sake! Have you seen the latest Victoria’s Secret commercials? Even my 16 year old son made a comment the other day to me about them. “Those ladies are not sexy mom. They are too skinny!”.

The photos have been altered! I can no more stop some idiot from sticking my face on top of a Pamela Anderson photo than Ms Webb could. (Mind you, I am sure Pamela would end up suing me for assault if that ever happened to her!)

The school claims her past could influence her ability to be regarded as a role model. Oh please… Line up 90% of anyone “influential” out there and I guarantee you the rags would have a hayday digging up dirt from 20 years ago. The ironic fact that Tiffani Webb went from lingerie model to stellar student guidance counselor seems to be lost on the school. Normally we hear about down and out models turning to drugs, alcohol and prostitution – not becoming one who helps positively shape the minds of our future generation.

The most hypocritical point of all is the fact that New York City is in the midst of expanding the availability of contraceptives within their schools! This is not a new initiative, but something that has been available to many NYC schools for years. While I can certainly understand the program’s goals, and I agree with them, how can one think that a counselor’s behavior 20 years ago would be any more detrimental than freely handing over morning-after pills without parental consent?

Ms Webb has had to change her name and state in order to obtain employment. Her entire career has gone “poof” in the blink of an eye; or click of the mouse really. While it should be an eye-opener to those who think posting ridiculous pictures of weekend antics on social media sites won’t come back to bite you in the ass, it also goes show all of us that nothing we do in our lives ever can be controlled once online. This school needs to realize this…

Should Tiffani sue? Does she have a case? Heck yes in my opinion! I hope she wins a bundle, as she is still a role model in my eyes.

What do you think?

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