I Flipped Over… a 1948 Singer Sewing Machine

I actually secretly wished this item wouldn’t sell. It was such a cool addition to my limited antique collection! But in the end, cash in hand means more potential goodies down the road 🙂

While out collecting our free teak executive desk, we came across signs detailing the entire contents of an apartment for sale within the town we had driven too. Not one to pass up on the opportunity to find something flippable, we followed the signs and went inside.

Turns out the apartment had been the home of an older lady who had recently passed away. Her son was clearing absolutely everything out. Cheap. While I could see it pained him to sell his mother’s belongings, he also clearly just wanted it to just disappear.

I didn’t think at first there was anything there for us, until I wandered into the spare bedroom. Cha-ching! His mother clearly had been a crafty person and the room was filled with bags of material, ribbon, lace, a knitting machine and sewing machines. I saw a 1970-80’s looking plastic singer with a $60 price tag on it, but beside that in its original case was an old black Singer with no price sticker. I swear Jeremy told me to stop drooling… Without even asking me, he went off to ask the son how much he wanted for the “old singer” and returned to tell me $40. I immediately grabbed it just as another couple walked into the room making a B-line for the machine. This little devil on my shoulder wanted to snap out “It’s mine!”… but I managed to control myself and leave the room looking half-heartedly interested in it.

We wandered a little more… me finding a gorgeous cotton woven bed throw and Jeremy some really cool books printed in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s from England. Oh, and a beautiful solid wood cutting board.

Up to the son we went with our goodies and offered $40 total for it all. He kinda hummed and hawed, but in the end my daughter’s cute face seemed to win him over and we sealed the deal. I was thrilled!

We couldn’t know the exact age of the machine until we got home to check Singer’s online serial number lookup. Turns out it was a 1948 machine. We plugged it in and eureka it worked! Even the lamp had a working bulb inside.

I did a little research online and saw that most of these machines sold for around $100, depending on the condition. While I did want to profit from this baby, I was not in a hurry and now had a working antique should it not sell quickly. I placed the ad on Kijiji asking $150 firm and waited.

I got a call 2 days ago asking if the Singer was still available. To be honest, I had completely forgot that it was still listed as deep in my mind I didn’t really want to sell it. But now I had a couple willing to drive from over 2 hours away to come and pick it up. No questions asked on the price.

They arrived later that day, tested the machine, pulled exactly $150 out of her pocket and smiled. Turns out they also owned a 1937 machine and knew the value of these as collectibles to the right buyer.

Cost: less than $40 (when you factor in the other items I picked up for $40 total) + 5 minutes to wipe it all down.
Sale Price: $150
Profit: $110+

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