DIY: Rustic Wagon Wheel Winery Decor

I personally love old rustic looking decor. So much in fact, my garage is filling up with 100+ year old barn wood for a wide variety of projects I have planned over the winter. As soon as I get my booty in gear and complete something, I will be sure to post!

For those of you looking for a simple yet creative idea, why not consider doing what I did with an old wagon wheel and some greenery? Look how wonderful this looks on my wall!

Rustic Wagon Wheel Winery

How To Make A Rustic Wagon Wheel Winery

1. Hunt around for an authentic wagon wheel. This makes all the difference in how your finished project will look. The older looking the better. I found mine at an estate sale over the summer, but if you don’t want to take the time to seek one out, Amazon has handcrafted Amish wagon wheels available for immediate shipment.

2. Choose a variety of greenery from your local craft store. If you have a Michael’s close by, they have a wonderful selection.

3. Using a staple gun, wire or twine, attach the greenery to the wheel as desired.

4. With a glue gun, carefully add your own personal touches. For example, on my wheel above I have added a few little birds and a bird nest. Personally I think it looks wonderful!

Get creative! By using either wire or twine to attach your greenery, you can easily swap out the arrangement to suit the season. Use bright colorful flowers in the spring and summer, cranberries and colorful leaves in the fall and then mistletoe or pinecones for the Christmas season.

This is a wonderfully easy to make decor item than can be passed down for generations. Enjoy!

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  1. Great and easy to understand step-by-step! I love how you managed to make your wagon wheel decor to function as bird nest too. It’s very creative and beautiful. I’ll try that out once I do have the time. As for the moment, I’ll try looking into pre-made wagon wheels to start with.


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