I Flipped Over… a Vintage 1960’s Chair

One of my favorite additions to the I Flipped Over… series of posts is an absolutely mint condition vintage 1960’s round back chair. This beauty was sitting at a garage sale close by, surrounded by the typical junkie items you often find at sales. It was one of those hidden treasures I drool over.

Wedged in between broken mirrors and smoke stained stuffed animals sat this chair. I pretended to be not really interested when asking their price. I was told $70 and walked away. The chair was damn nice though, and I really wanted it!

We wandered around a bit more and managed to find a $0.50 item for my daughter, but I kept glancing at that chair. A little small talk with the home owners revealed their sale was not going well at all and they had little cash to show for their work dragging it all to the driveway.

To make a long story short, I snagged that chair for $40. I knew it was worth well more than that and worse case scenario, would look lovely in my living room! Home it went and up onto Kijiji for $100 or best offer.

Within 4 days I had a buyer who was willing to drive 2 hours to come pick it up for the full asking price. I clearly could have asked more…

Cost: $40 + 2 mins to vacuum
Sale Price: $100
Profit: $60 and a huge smile on my buyers face!

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