I Flipped Over…. a Teak Executive Desk

My latest addition to the I Flipped Over… series of posts is a fabulous vintage Teak Executive Desk that I picked up for free. I just happened to surf over to Kijiji as the original owner listed the item in the freebies section and emailed him right away.

Turns out there was a tremendous demand for this beauty. He told me I was the first of 20 emails within 5 minutes of listing the desk. He felt since I beat out everyone else, that I deserved the desk 🙂

Unfortunately the picture shown above is not of the actual desk. Not planning on ever using the images again, I deleted them from my machine as soon as I sold it. But, the picture is really close to the style I picked up. We brought the desk home, assembled it in my garage, listed it on Kijiji and it sold within 3 hours – for $100.

Cost: 1 hour of gas, $5 in bolts, 20 mins to assemble.
Sale Price: $100
Profit: approximately $80 and a wonderful few hours spent with my daughter and Jeremy cruising a popular tourist region on a beautiful day (priceless!)

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