How To Change Your Facebook News Feed Back – For Now…

I am all for change and advancement. Heck, without it we would all still be walking everywhere and heating up water to take a bath in a bucket! Oh wait… that sounds terribly familiar… but of course is a story for another time. Facebook however, has taken change and so-called advancement to a new level.

Advancement, according to, is the act of moving forward. Why does it seem each new Facebook update plunges us backwards? This is a company with 600+ million users, that seems hell bent on making navigation through the site extremely difficult – especially for the millions of people who play Facebook apps. These apps are their bread and butter!

How To Change Your Facebook News Feed Back

So, if you are hating the latest update on September 21, 2011, here is how to change your Facebook newsfeed back to the way it was. I cannot guarantee this will be a permanent fix, but it at least works for now – until something changes again of course…lol

At the top right of your homepage, click on the little down arrow to find your Account Settings:
Change Facebook Newsfeed Back 1

Head down to the bottom of the page and change your Language to English (UK):

Change Facebook Newsfeed Back 2

Once you click “Save Changes”, your Facebook account will revert back to the older version.

As stated above, I am unsure how long this so-called fix will work, but hopefully it at least saves a few computer monitors from being smashed and keyboards from receiving spittle – at least for another day.


UPDATE: As predicted, within a few hours of posting this, it is no longer a workable fix for most Facebook users…

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