My Daughter – Newest Member Of The FBI

It’s 4am… Up yet AGAIN with Brie.

Will this child ever sleep normal for more than a few days in a row?

She has the most horrendous sleeping patterns. I never know from one evening to the next, how much sleep I will actually be able to get myself. Looks like I will be functioning on less than 3 hours today, since her internal alarm clock thought 3:30am was a good time to come downstairs and watch Toopy & Binoo.

I know I know.. I could just let her stay upstairs and howl her head off, but having 1 cranky child mid-day today is certainly better than having 4! So here she sits in the next room, watching her favourite show.

Brie: Member of the FBIBut it’s not quietly – she is farting her head off! This kid could make a trucker blush! And, she blatantly knows exactly what she is doing because each rumble is followed by “Ooooo! What’s that? A fart!!”

She also has the hilarious ability to fart and sneeze at the same time. Don’t get me started on her belching either… 🙂 …Where is my little lady??

So here I sit, figuring I might as well get something done while she is at least semi-occupied. I write a post here on Momma, play a little Mafia Wars on Facebook, and surf the web a little.

Then I find it… The most perfect t-shirt for Brie on ebay.

F.B.I. – Farting Burping Insomniac

Guess what’s just been added to my Christmas shopping list 🙂

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  1. Too funny (and familar)- I have ranted about this many many times- every. night. is different. Good luck and I hope you soon get some uninterrupted sleep!

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