Duh! Instant Krazy Glue Really Means Instant

Have you ever had one of those moments, or events, where you truly cannot believe it is happening, let alone happening to you? I do… quite often actually, but this truly has to be one of the kraziest….literally!

I posted about this on Facebook back when it happened, but for those of you who didn’t follow me then, I felt it truly warranted repeating.

I have this monster refrigerator. With 4 kids it is constantly full, but having made several moves over the past few years, it’s been through the ringer getting through doorways. Our last home was definitely the worst. Between my father, Jeremy and my sometime-to-be-brother-in-law, they finally wedged it through the front door of the house. This was after it sat wedged in the laundry room doorway for about 2 hours…

My poor fridge was scratched and dented…again.. but nothing that the mirage of fridge magnets, school schedules and daily doodles wouldn’t cover. No biggie! I had bigger battles to fight 🙂

Months later, wandering into the kitchen for a late night snack, I open the fridge door… Yikes! The handle came off in my hand! It had snapped at the top where it attaches to the top of the door frame.

I immediately bellow to Jeremy that I need help. We both stand there staring at it, with a kinda stunned look on our faces. This fridge is an extremely relevant part of our lives! Then it suddenly comes to me. A mom’s best friend (besides duct tape of course) is Krazy Glue! I will glue that sucker right back to where it should be and everything will be just fine!

Or so I thought…

The following truly had to be caught on video camera to do it justice. It was the most pathetic comedy of errors you could imagine. Late night…broken fridge… 2 giggling idiots… too long pants… and… Krazy Glue. Need I really say more?

I grab the Instant Krazy Glue from the cupboard while Jeremy positions the handle back where it should be. But, the little pin cap inside the bottle seems to be stuck!

I walk over to where Jeremy is standing in front of the fridge and ask him to help me get it out. I guess one of us was holding the little tube a little too tightly, because as he goes to take it from my hand, the pin pops out onto the floor and glue starts dripping down the sides.

Dripping down the sides of the tube Jeremy and I are both holding.

Instant shocked looks on our faces as we realize our 2 hands are stuck to the tube! We start giggling like a bunch of little kids over our complete stupidity, and blaming each other for this little snafu.

Still laughing, I bend down to pick up the pin lid, which instantly sticks to my other hand! This is now really starting to get ridiculous and I have both hands stuck onto something.

Laughing hard enough now to wake up neighbourhood, I figure heading over to the sink would be a good thing at this point. Maybe with Jeremy’s one free hand, we can work at getting unstuck. Well, it wasn’t meant to be…

As I start to move, the bottom of my too long pants won’t move with me!

It’s seems not only did we get glue on our hands, but the floor as well….Which of course I stepped in, gluing my pants to the floor.

I kid you not, we laughed so hard, that I was starting to have those little “I’ve had 4 babies and now my bladder is not so strong” feelings of “Holy Shit I have PEE!”

Having to pee with your pants stuck to the floor, your one had attached to a krazy glue tube and the other with a push pin affixed to it? Getting to, and using the toilet, clearly was NOT an option.

Jeremy, taunting me to pee my pants!I have never seen Jeremy laugh so hard, but I truly could have killed him at that moment – if I had not been laughing so hard myself. The total butt head was standing there taunting me! Urging me to just pee on the floor!

“Do it! Go for it! It can’t get worse here!”

So I sat down on the floor in an attempt to deter the ‘have to pee’ feeling. The same floor that had glue drops all over it. I didn’t care. My 39 year old body failed me yet again as a few trickles managed to creep out, but a total disaster was finally avoided.

The fridge handle finally got fixed, but the moral to this story is:

[tip]TIP: There sometimes is truth in advertising. Instant Krazy Glue really is instant![/tip]

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