Brendan Off To Zone Speech Finals!

My Mommy Pom Pom DanceI got to break out the Mommy pom-poms today! My Jim Carey wannabe Brendan is off to represent his school at the Lion’s Club Effective Public Speaking Contest this coming Sunday. Very exciting!

Last week, he won his classroom contest and earned a spot in the school finals. There, he competed against 9 other children and placed second. He was absolutely thrilled at the recognition, but disappointed that he wouldn’t be off to the zones, as only 1st place moves on.

Luckily, the little girl who won 1st place is too scared to attend zones. She is only in Grade 4, and I guess the thought of facing dozens of parents and Lion’s Club judges was a little over-whelming to her, and she declined the invitation. Brendan, being runner up, gets to take the spot! Woo Hoo!!

His winning speech is about Phobia’s and I have written it out below. Please assume since it is 4am, that any spelling/obvious punctuation errors are mine alone 🙂

Also, let me know below what your favourite school speech topic was about!

[small_intro]Brendan’s Speech – Phobia’s[/small_intro]

Spiders… heights… small spaces… the dark… and…clowns! These are some of the most common things people are afraid of. They are called phobias.

Teachers, fellow students and judges, a phobia is an illogical, intense and non-stop fear of something in the world. It can make an otherwise perfectly normal person become completely paranoid, and even paralysed with fear.

Have you ever started to suddenly sweat over something, but it’s not even hot out? Have you ever had your start beating really fast when asked to do something that scares you? Or, have you ever laid so still in your bed at night, knowing there isn’t any monsters under the bed, but not wanting to move and wake them – just in case? You are not alone.

There are literally hundreds of different officially named phobias, including phobophobia! Yes, you guessed it. It’s the actual fear of phobias!

I have a phobia. It’s called coulrophobia. It is the silly fear of clowns. For some strange reason I don’t like clown make up and their laughing just seems evil to me!

My older brother Ryan suffers from arachnophobia. This is the fear of spiders, and is a very common phobia. When he even sees a spider on TV, he suddenly feels like hundreds of them are crawling all over his body.

There are dozens of common phobias. For example, if you are scared of the dark, you have nyctophobia. If you fear getting onto an airplane, you may be suffering from aviophobia. And, if being told you are going to the dentist hsa you hiding from your mother, you most likely have dentophobia.

There are also hundreds of crazy uncommon phobias. For example, some people are scared of feathers, and others are scared of chickens! If you suffer from Bronotphobia, you will most likely want to move to the North Pole so you never encounter thunder or lightening.

There are phobias for just about everything! From music to laughter, nosebleeds to nudity and numbers to kneecaps – someone, somewhere is scared!

These phobias all seem silly, but most can be cured with behaviour therapy. This means exposing the patient to what they are scared of in a safe controlled environment. For example, if my brother was to sit in a closed room, full of spiders, while speaking with his doctor, he could be cured!

In other words, the only way to cure your fear or phobia is to face it!

Unfortunately, I am not ready to face my Glossophobia head-on anymore today. Since that is the fear of public speaking, this would be my cue to now finish and say thanks for listening 🙂

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