Booty Fashion Gone Bad…Really Bad!

I really must be getting old when I start making comments about the totally insane things people wear in public. (eh… Who am I kidding… I’ve always made comments…lol)

Maybe it is just my affluent preppy 80’s upbringing that has me shaking my head at this one? Then again, take a good look at this shot of a woman found in Walmart and let me know what you think….

Butt (no pun intended!), I just cannot decide which is worse! The booty? Or the boots!!

What do you think?

Booty and Boots

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  1. The booty is the worse.. can not tell how the boots are. They look like half boots and half tennis shoes!

  2. If she were at my Walmart in town, I would call 911, and say there was an indecent exposer lurking the aisles , and an iminent gas explosion was going to happen.

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