Top 10 Pros and Cons of Working From Home

Working from home – it’s every parents’ dream life, apart from not working at all of course. I’ve been doing this for 9 years myself, so the advantages definitely outweigh the problems. But, problems there are!

Making the decision to work from home may seem like a no-brainer to most, but it is more complicated than one might think. The type of work you intend to do, as well as your existing work ethic, play a major role in the chances of your success. If you are not a self-starter and independent, you may falter… Work from home parents, especially us moms, must multi-task… And then learn how to multi-task your multi-tasking! It can get that crazy 🙂

After 9 years, I figured it was time to list the top ten pros and cons to working from home. These are not necessarily going to be applicable to everyone who is considering a work from home lifestyle, but they are definitely tops on my lists.

Work From Home Pros

  1. Freedom to work when you want
  2. Freedom to work as much, or as little as you wish
  3. You are home when your children come home from school
  4. Reduced or eliminated daycare costs
  5. Potentially, an unlimited income
  6. Save time and money on commuting
  7. Save money on clothing (work in your jammies!)
  8. Less likely to get sick
  9. No office politics or boss!
  10. The ability to run errands or socialize freely

To keep my pros and cons list balanced, the cons will rebut each of the 10 points listed above, with a little explanation – and humour of course! (Yes, I am Canadian, there is a second “u” in humour)

Work From Home Cons

  1. The freedom to work whenever you want, also can be the freedom to not work as well. This can cause missed deadlines and sleepless nights.
  2. If you have either a workaholic or “need to light a firecracker under the ass” nature, the freedom of working as much or as little as you want can come back to bite you in the butt. It is easy to get caught up with what you are doing, only to realize you have a starving family hanging outside your office door. On the flipside, your family also starves if you have slacked off…
  3. Being home when the kids get home from school can actually be a disadvantage. I am usually slammed with homework, test results, notes from teachers and a hyper rambling of each childs ENTIRE day. I do love these moments, but when in the middle of a client call or project, they can be extremely distracting.
  4. Answering clients calls with a crying baby, or having to repeatedly put a customer on hold to chase down your toddler is not fun. I wouldn’t change it for the world myself, but there have been a few “where’s the nearest daycare” moments for me 🙂
  5. The more income you earn, the more you want to earn. This results in more working and less time with your family.
  6. I don’t commute, but my office is always there! You never truly get away from it. Not leaving your home on a regular basis can actually turn you into a hermit if you are not careful.
  7. Saving money on clothing is always a bonus; especially for people like me who actually hate to shop for clothes. But, when your jammies start to have gapping holes from constant use, it’s time to re-think getting dressed more often. Trust me – experience speaking here 🙂
  8. The kids bring home every illness from school…including lice!
  9. Hey you’re home – you must be available, right? Just wait and see how many friends, family and neighbours want to call or drop by, just shoot the shit! Office Politics vs The Family/Neighbour Grapevine? Hmmm…
  10. This is my biggest pet peeve – everyone assumes that since you are home all day, you are available to do anything and go anywhere. This means everything from visiting friends/family, class trips, groceries and other daily errands. While this ability is definitely one of the strongest advantages to working from home, it is also the biggest disadvantage. Those around you will find it extremely difficult to separate your work from their pleasure.

Again, I wouldn’t change working from home for the world. I love being here for my children daily, and the ability to build my own business as I see fit. It’s not easy, and there are days I think I will go insane, but eventually all of us work from home parents find that all important striking balance in order to succeed.

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