Saggy Boobs & Walking Farts At 40

Back in June it became official. I turned the dreaded “Big 4-0”. I had promised myself before hand, that I wouldn’t let it get to me. I would face it no different than I face the majority of adversity in my life – I’d bitch a little, but deal with it and move on. We had some cake, spent the day with loved ones, and capped the evening off with some fireworks (ok, better known as ‘moms walking farts’). I didn’t notice any immediate new wrinkles, lines or age spots, and my boobs didn’t immediately sag to the floor (they were already there). Overall, it was a pleasant, happy, normal day!

However, I did take some time to ponder where I was at this pivotal stage of my life. I looked back to my own parents, and where they were at my age. It was 1983…Dad co-owned a successful 2nd generation family business and mom stayed home raising 6 (I will brag and say AWESOME) kids. They volunteered, entertained, spent summers in our Muskoka cottage and had just purchased a gorgeous soon-to-be 7 figure home. They had “made” it!

Fast forward 27 years to me at 40….

I had one failed marriage under my belt and a 3 year relationship in serious jeopardy. My beloved dream home had been sold for the divorce and all profit from it used to pay off debt. I did get the family minivan, but that literally blew up 5 months later… I was back to being a tenant, still in debt, with a credit rating lower than my dogs’ IQ. I had no vehicle; a landlord trying to illegally evict me; a new puppy that chewed disposable razors; a broken vacuum, dryer and lawnmower; a home business needing a serious boost; and a dead rabbit in my garage. Hell yeah, l had “made” it!

Then I looked closer…

I had four incredible kids! Three handsome, smart and outgoing boys that absolutely adore their beautiful baby sister. Four kids, that no matter how little mom can give them, are always eager to share hugs, kisses, laughter and smiles.

Yes!! I had made it after all… And they “made” me 🙂


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