Rice Krispies, Confused Cats & Kitchen Sinks

I posted this yesterday on Facebook as one of the usual ‘max out the 420 character’ status messages I often come up with, but thought it was worth moving over to F.I.N.E as well. No photos of this one. Camera wasn’t handy at the time 🙁

I definitely have one determined daughter! At 21 months old, she wants to try everything everyone else is doing and wants NO assistance whatsoever. Unfortunately, this includes feeding the cats…

She started off by pulling the cat food bag out from under the kitchen counter and dumping copious amounts of food everywhere – except the bowl of course. After a few weeks of this, we decided enough was enough and the bag was given a new home on top of the counter.

This did not deter her… because… we have dog food too! Normally, because of Brie’s past attempts at doling out food to our dog as well, Lexi’s food bag sits inside a planter beside the back door. It looks absolutely ridiculous there – so much so that even guests comment on it. Hey, you do what you have to do, right? Right…

In my quest to tidy up last week for a real estate appraisal that was happening on the home I rent, I moved the bag of dog food – back under the counter. It took Brie all of 2 hours to figure it out and was now back attempting to feed the cats again. Yugi and Joey, who truly hate the dog, watched with a look of horror! Dog food had entered their precious cat food bowl.

Yesterday, the cat food is safely on the counter, the dog food is back in the planter, and I am busily working away in my office. However, Brie is on a mission! She’s truly obsessed with wanting to feed these cats! Soon I am hearing crunch, crunch, crunch…

Having no idea what this sound is, I rush into my kitchen to inspect. What a sight it was!

Brie is standing bare foot in the middle of huge Rice Krispie pile all over the floor, Lexi is rushing around trying to gobble up every little piece, and my two cats are sitting on either side of their food bowl wondering what the heck those little dry turdy looking things are!

Brie and Lexi see me coming. She and takes off running one way and the dog the other. They both know this is something they should not be doing. Snap, Crackle and Pop have now turned into a flurry of crunch, crunch and more crunch, as they get squished and spread all over!

I am sure every mom with a toddler has had this happen. The mess that gets bigger as you try to make it smaller. Rice Krispies are often the culprit too! So, when I managed to scoop up Brie, my primary concern was getting all of the crumbs off her feet and out from in between her toes, while not making this mess worse. As I am brushing her feet, the crumbs are falling not only all over the floor, but onto the dog as well. My cats meanwhile, are still sitting there, glaring at their bowl. But, I had a plan….

There’s an old saying… “used everything but the kitchen sink”… Well, not for me, so into the sink she went!

With clean feet and a clean floor, I head back towards my office, only to be stopped by a wretched “meow”. There sat my two cats, still on either side of their bowl – looking down at the Rice Krispies inside, up at each other, back to the bowl and over to me. And Brie… standing with them, brandishing a look that said “Mom, if you just let me have the cat food bag back for a few minutes…”

I fear this cat food crusade will continue!


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